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Algebra Custom App

The Custom App for Algebra focuses on solving linear systems of equations. A description and help topics for this tool is given below.

Solving Linear Systems

Determines the solution to a user-defined system of linear equations in 2, 3, or 4 variables.


  1. Specify the number of variables/equations.
    The default is a two-variable/two-equation system. If you want to solve a three- or four-variable system, make the appropriate choice from the Number of Variables menu.
  2. Enter the coefficients and constant terms.
    In the provided cells, enter the values of the coefficients and constant terms. Be sure to include a negative sign where needed.
  3. Solve the system.
    Choose Tool | Solve to find the solution (if a solution exists) in exact and numeric forms. Alternatively, click the corresponding button ().
  4. Display the system graphically.
    Choose the button to view plots of the specified system of linear equations in two or three variables. (This functionality is disabled for four-variable systems.)