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Use the Simulation tool to model probabilistic situations and analyze the results in tables, graphs, or data sheets.


Create simulations that model simple situations such as flipping a coin, rolling a die, drawing a card, or generating a random integer. Summarize the results in table form or in histograms. Additionally, view basic statistics or analyze the results in Data Analysis.

Getting Started

  1. Build a simulation .
  2. Run a simulation .
  3. View and analyze results within Simulation or Data Analysis.


Build a Simulation

Use the Options menu or toolbar icons to create events and customize simulations with computations. Choose to build a Simple/Common Event or Distribution Event, create a Custom Event, relate events by Computations, model Meta Events, and view a Sample Simulation.


Run a Simulation

After setting up a simulation, use the Simulation menu or their corresponding toolbar buttons to run it.


View & Analyze Results

Once your simulation has finished running view or analyze the results.

Viewing Styles and Options

Select (or deselect) entries of the View menu to customize what and how the results of a simulation are shown.

Analyze Results


Save and Record Simulations

The Tool menu provides options for creating new simulations (), opening saved simulations (), printing (), and saving ().

See also Save & Print.